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Hi Guys and thanks for the invites -

I am finally getting around to posting my introduction after ghosting around the forums for the last few weeks. We are putting in the finishing touches on "Cluckingham Palace" and hopefully will figure out how to post some pictures in the next week or so. This week I hope to transition the 26 SL Wyandottes out of the brooder and into their new digs.

Things have certainly changed in the past 45 years since the last time I was involved with poultry. So many new products and inventions.. a person could go broke just trying them all out! I have a question about feeders that I will cross-post (I hope that is allowed).

I am interested in getting one of the mid-sized feeders (20-30 pound capacity) for hanging in my coop. It seems like there are three styles that all claim they prevent "billing out" and prevent waste. What has been your personal experience with these three styles?

1. Plain tray w/rolled rim Example =

2. Divided tray w/grill Example =

3. Feeder with dividers Example =

Thanks for all your help and what a great group!
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