Worms in chicken Feed

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    I Store my chicken feed outside in aluminum garbage cans with lids. I had to throw one bag away bc the lid wasn't tight enough and water got in. The second one has a super tight lid so no water but I just discovered worms all in the feed as I got towards the bottom of the bag. Probably maggots, Tanish short fat worms. I'm tossing the food but think the chickens ate some of the worms. Is this ok? Any suggestions for better food storage outside? Hate always having the food go bad??
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    Using metal cans outside is not a good idea. They heat up, cool down and because of that have a tendency to sweat.

    There is more to this story and you might not know what it is. Fresh feed should not have any living critters in it. Living critters deplete the nutrition in the feed that the birds need. So, the feed you're buying isn't fresh to start with or you're buying too much and not using it fast enough.
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    I always keep mine inside and take out what is needed daily.
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    I keep mine in metal cans with a hefty trash bag lined inside and make sure the can is not touching the ground if it gets wet and keeping the cans in the shade or in a shed.
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    Where there is moisture in a sack of feed, you'll find maggots. Not only that, most likely mold. Moldy feed will kill a chicken if eaten. If you find clumps of feed in the sack, no matter what size they are, it means that the feed was moist at one time and then it dried. In any of these instances it's best to return the feed where you purchased it and get a refund or another sack of feed. Then open it up and inspect it as best as you can while you're at the feed store.
    Some stores dont rotate products and it's always best to check dates, including feed.
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    I keep mine in metal trash cans with lids outside, but with a "roof" and off the grd. We've had no problems at all.

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    I keep mine in a metal can in the house.It's the only way to keep it fresh here.I don't use garbage bags because it is not food grade plastic and breaks down into toxic chemicals that leach in the feed.