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Witch Roster is Best For the Flock

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witch roster will be best for a flock of chickens the one that is tame or the aggressive one? One will go around helping any chicken to select her feed and what to eat...the other one just look like the Devil but he wont do anything; he do claim territory. The third rooster is like so elegant and fine not to big like the other but he has just picked the girl he wants. He just go with the one he has just picked..
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It's whichever one works best for the humans. You don't want an aggressive rooster attacking you or children. The aggressive genes can be passed on to any progeny.

You probably don't want the one that has a favorite because he will break her down with over breeding.
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Personally, I won't tolerate aggressive roosters. I won't be afraid to walk through my own yard!

A docile/tame rooster isn't necessarily a bad rooster. They can enjoy the company of humans and still do an excellent job of protecting the flock. I have a docile rooster who does not necessarily enjoy my company, but he does his job watching for threats.

As Robin said, I also wouldn't want t keep a rooster who only wants to be with one hen. That hen will get overbred, and he won't pay attention to the rest of the flock.
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thank you so much! _"rooster adventure then🙂"
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Have fun. It's never easy with these guys. Well, not never. Sometimes.
the biggest meanest one will protect the flock best and keep it most fertile .. but you have to live with it .. its probably worth it to have a pansy little rooster and reduced fertility lol ...
Thank you everyone, and I am so sorry to let you know what...:oops:. it seems to be like those days of our parents telling us what was best...and so I pick the one that looks like the devil. He has a devil eyes...but he is starting to get gorgeous, and his eyes stated to look beautiful. The bad news? It appear to be; that he didn't wanted to stay. so he did it. He injured his leg on the he was placed on em, away. After few days of being away is got better and stronger; more beautiful! :D What it is best? he stop being aggressive w:geek:ith girls chicken, he seems to love them now...
So which rooster did you choose?
in trouble? i choose he one that look like the devil; the meanest one. the aggressive one. the one that cause trouble...
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