Geese Will Geese Attack Chickens

Discussion in 'Waterfowl' started by Keith, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. Keith

    Keith New Member

    I thought about adding a few geese to flock to help with predator control, what is their temperament around chickens have you found, do they also bother the chickens in addition to predators?
  2. oakwood

    oakwood New Member

    Yes , geese will attack and kill chickens as they are territorial birds .

  3. Sundancers

    Sundancers New Member

    I never had a problem with my geese and chickens, not sure if it was because they grew up together or what. (???)

    I did watch the geese take out after a flock of wild turkeys once that had found their way into our bottom field. That was interresting to watch ... LOL
  4. jjwilson72000

    jjwilson72000 New Member

    Don't know about Geese but yesterday our Drake Muscovy duck attacked our rooster. Bad enough that he died a couple hours later.
  5. Bird_slave

    Bird_slave Junior Member

    I have a pair of geese, the gander is an american buff - considered to be one of the most docile geese breeds and the goose is a brecon buff. Raised and living with my runner ducks, the geese treat the ducks as their children. I have two coops of chickens and all the birds get free ranged together under supervision in the evening. My goose doesn't let the chickens get too close to her ducks, my gander only occasionally will stick that long neck of his out and make a move towards a chicken. The gander is a clown and full of mischief; I think he only does it for the fun of it. None of the chickens have ever been hurt by one of the geese. In fact, just last night one of my brahma pullets was running and screaming because she was being chased by a cockerel wanting to mate her. Not only did the head roo run over to chase the young upstart cockerel off, but my gander was the roo's back up.
    All in all, I'd have to say they peacefully co-exist. I'm not sure the same would be true with a more aggressive breed of goose.
  6. Energyvet

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