Wild Bird Feeder for Seramas?

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering' started by Jim, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Jim

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    My Seramas seem to either get stuck in my feeder or something else is getting in the coop I can't find. I currently have a Little Giant galvanized feeder, even bought the top for it. One morning I noticed some blood on the feeder, like they maybe cut themselves on the lid, but I could not find an injury on any of the birds in there. I am thinking of trying a wild bird feeder in the coop with them. I don't seem to find anything on the web of anyone using one and if it is good or bad. Wondering if anyone out in "chicken land" has any experience and if it was good or bad. The Seramas get layer crumble, so pellets won't be an issue with feeder openings.
  2. Bird_slave

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    I had to experiment with feeders until I found the perfect one for my crossbeak silkie cross. She shares a coop with 6 seramas.
    After trying about 6 different types I found one like this that work perfectly both for my handicapped hen and the seramas. As a bonus, it's mounted on the wall so it takes us less floor space in their small coop.
    Like this one, but with a solid (not mesh) basin: