When to let pullets free range?

Discussion in 'General Chicken Discussion' started by Chicken Boy, Feb 6, 2020.

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    We have two 13 week old pullets. We have not let them out of their coop and run to free range because we are afraid they will not return. They go into the coop at night and hang out in the run for most of the day. At what age should we let them out to free range? There are no other chickens to teach them what to do. We have raccoons, possums, foxes, cats and other predators roaming around. We are afraid they will become a tasty meal if they do not return at night.
  2. robin416

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    Since you've got that many predators I'd wait until they are more fully grown. At three months they've still got quite a bit of growing to do.

    It does sound like they know the coop is home so as long as they don't get panicked they know where to return to.

  3. Sylie

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    Agreed, wait a little while longer. You want them to KNOW where home is, even when in a panic it should be so ingrained in their heads that home is safe.
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    You can sit with them outside an hour before they go to bed,this way they get a little feel for out of the run,and with you sitting with them you can prevent predators from taking them.
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