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I'm curious what you guys think the barred rock and speckled sussex might be, gender wise?

I'm thinking the buff and splash ameracauna are pullets but I'm really new to this so I guess I'm not confident on any of them 😂 I have two smaller splashes too. I'm hoping the barred and the speckled are girls, especially if our frizzle thing is a roo. What do y'all think?
Ok so I have experience sexing chickens just from like looking at them and I can tell you that your bard rock is probably going to be a rooster and you're like Brown white one looking at the development of all the other ones that you believe are hens I also agree with you on that I would say that they would probably a rooster but looking at it it could also be a hen with those kind of chickens you don't know until they get a little bit older. I do believe that your bard is a rooster though by one the way you looks to the kind of like enlarged spur scale and there the bigger comb than everybody else which is a key factor on roosters.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts