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What breed. Bought from Tractor Supply. About 7 weeks old.

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She is most likely a Columbian Wyandotte, but a shot of her comb would confirm that.
Columbian wyandotte was my first thought too, like Fuzz said, comb pics would confirm
They are pretty chickens . If you got them from tsc there is a toss up of what you have. I thought I was buying 4 sapphire gems,1 golden comet, 1 Isa brown, 2 Americanas, all supposed to be pullets. 1 is a cockerel which was fine I did want a Roo but I don’t know what breed he is, someone was telling me he is a Dixie jubilee??? I believe I did get the Isa brown and golden comet but the others is EEr’s they are pretty and healthy so I’m happy.
You can post pics of your flock @luckycluck. They're fun to see. We have a couple here that are outstanding at figuring them out. I guess I'm wrong more often than not. But I'm learning.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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