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    Despite my brother being a middle school tween, he is still in love with his chickens.
    It was dull and rainy today, so my brother and I brought Wigwam and Atari inside just to play with them. (They are both super lap chickens!) Raisin and Petal are kind of iffy, so we let them be alone. Wigs and Atari also get along well because Atari stands her ground with Wigwam, and he respects her.
    We let them walk around on our mud room counter. We shined their feet with an old toothbrush. Collin then grabbed a marker and colored Atari's nails pink. He was so proud of his manicure job that he went into the living room with Atari and showed my parents who were on the couch. Both my parents don't mind the chickens in the house, as long as they aren't in the kitchen or pooping on the floor. My dad said "That's weird" and my mom laughed. Wigwam got his back petted, which he loves. He seemed to accept my brother a little more. Then, Wigwam started looking out the front door towards the coop. He did a few squawks and then CROWED in Collin's ear. I laughed for a solid 5 minutes. My mom said "Is that Wigwam?" Collin and I were laughing too hard to respond. Wigwam crowed again, and in an attempt to silence him, I lightly put my hands around his neck. Nope, didn't slow him down. Once he starts crowing, he doesn't stop. He crowed in the laundry room for a while, my brother and I trying to guess when he'd crow next. My dad thought it was funny too. When I went to put him back, he crowed in my arms. Only broke my eardrums :p:confused: He's just too funny. We let them back outside and they both looked saddened that they couldn't stay for longer. Later today when my friend comes over, we are going to make the chickens some clothes and whatnot. Ah, I love these birds.:rolleyes:
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    Sounds like fun!
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    I'm so glad you love your chickens,they are neat critters and make good pets.Have you tried to teach them simple tricks?When I was young-late 60's-there was an amusement park called Fantasy Farm,my favorite place in the whole world.They had animals and roller coasters.In one section there were chickens and ducks in these coin operated cages.You put a dime in,music plays and the critter in the cage would peck at a drum or peck at lights on a board or something similar.Then a few morsels of food would fall out for them.Looking back,it was cruel but I learned a chicken can learn a simple trick.As for chicken clothes,never considered it but I have been looking at dog/cat costumes for my geese but I don't think I could even put them on much less watch them keep them on.I don't think it would go over too well.I want to see pics of your chickens dressed up...
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    Love that! Hubby would have a come apart if I brought any chicken or the pig for that matter inside.....The poop outside is enough to irritate him to no end... but he knows how much I love them, so he tolerates and he likes the eggs:rolleyes:
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    Nov 1st,all those dog/cat costumes will be marked down.My hubby doesn't like my chickens and poop on the front porch so I fenced the porch in.Problem solved.We don't eat many of the eggs,I mainly use them for cooking, but his father sure does.We(really I LOL) even bought him a micro-wave egg cooker for Father's Day.One good thing,hubby does love the geese,so that's one point for me.I wonder if he could love some goats,too.
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    8 long as the chickens were returned to an appropriate coop or the 'range' for long enough periods, maybe they liked having a job and getting treats! Lots of animals experience boredom and actually enjoy having a 'job'. I swear, so many species are smarter than we give them credit for!

    That's how I'd like to picture it anyway...
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    My chickens don't know any tricks, but I would like to teach them to swing on a chicken swing- I think they would enjoy it and looks way cool. I bought one last year- Problem is, the run in the coop is too small - short on the front and goes under the coop. there is only one tall tree in the yard- a pecan -and the branches go up at an angle. Do you think the swing put on a free standing frame of 2x4s would work? I get new chicks in the spring and if I teach them while they are young, maybe the adults will learn from them. What ya think?
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    I made a chicken swing a few years ago. Only one of my BR pullets hopped up on it and then she hopped off. That was the end of that. None of them ever tried it afterwards.