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Yes, I've found transitioning them into the big coop goes pretty smoothly when the bigs have been seeing them every day for four or more weeks, and being together outside the enclosed coop/run first where everyone has space to retreat makes the pecking order business less brutal. Then when I think they're all pretty used to each other I slip the littles into the coop after dark. No bloodshed or serious problems thus far!

But, I'm also fortunate to have the space and extra coop to do it, not to mention the insane amount of lumber and chicken wire the previous owners of our property left behind. I built most of this stuff for free, other than the cost of the screws and staples and things. The extra coop is a cheap Tractor Supply thing that we purchased from a neighbor who tried chickens and didn't like it. It's a little beat up, so I imagine I'll have to build a replacement in the next few years.
Can you help me regarding my new 8 weeks chicks?
Brought them home last Monday. Due to heat, I put them out in the enclosure with my 8 mos ladies. The ladies chewed me out for bringing them in but left them alone for the most part. I did see Yolko chase and peck the babies but thought it was normal. The 1st night they slept in the run. The next few days, I had them separated but a makeshift blockade that allowed them to roam but yet provided security. I then started putting them to sleep in their coop hoping that they would recognize it as home. Today, was a storm day. I put all the ladies together only to find my babies eating in the run. I brought them in and dried them off and will keep them in for the night.
My plan was to take them out daily and let them free range in a enclosed area. Would it be ok to continue to put them in the coop? Should I wait until they become more acclimated?
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