The Goose Saw It First

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    While camping over the past month, I have gotten attached to Goosegoose. 008.jpg . If you notice, she has a broken or dislocated wing. She hangs around, and has a pair of ducks that are her flock. Anyhoo, I noticed a dead tree that looked kinda funny...
    005.jpg I looked closer, and this is what I saw 007.jpg . The crane looked thin, and was far up on a hill, a good distance from the water. We don't see them that far from the water, and I figured that it was probably sick. I went to the camper to get some sugar water when it's head fell, and it seemed to struggle to pick it's head up. "Lord", I thought, "it's gonna die right in front of me", and I gathered a blanket up and started over that way. Suddenly, Goosegoose started honking wildly, and when I looked at the crane, it had pulled a ground squirrel (chipmunk) out of the ground and flown off with it!!! Wow!! Never knew that they ate those things, and neither did the goose!!!
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    Thanks for the smile! :D

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    Wow! Funny how wildlife interacts. Neat. Thanks for sharing! :)
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    Another good story Fuzz. Thanks for the illustrations too.