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Lovely pics of the girls. So healthy looking and content. The last pic is my favorite.

How long did it take them to realize they were free and could be chickens? That thought keeps rattling around in my head.

I'm awful at chicken breeds but where did that black and white one come from? That's not a battery hen. Is it?
Thank you, I really hope they are as happy as can be just want the best for them as their lives are shorter.

This was the old hen we adopted. She is a silver Sussex. She was the last in a flock and they didn't want anymore. They were worried she was lonely so she lives with us now. 🙂

It took them around 3 months, but they never truly get it fully. Having this old girl has been great as she has taught them quiet a bit. Like how to eat slugs 🤣 she's their big bossy mumma!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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