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Thanks for the Invite!

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I just got in an invite from the FaceBook page.

I just got started my interest in raising chickens but look forward to running all my questions by the experts.

Thanks for having me!
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Hello from the UK .

We keep Silkies,Wyandottes,Naked Necks,D`Avers,Dutch,De Watermael ,Araucanas,Pekins,Ameraucanas,Old English Game ,Faverolles, Houdans,Polands, Speckled Sussex, Quail, Khaki Campbell ducks , Muscovy Ducks, Abacot Ranger Ducks , Silver Appleyard Ducks .
We have been keeping poultry for about 30 years and have kept many breeds over the years .
We only keep our birds as our hobby and are interested in all flora and fauna worldwide .
As well as the poultry we keep dogs Hounds, Terriers, Spaniels,Toy breeds and Working breeds .
Congratulations on your lovely forum .:cool:
Thank You for inviting us to your membership .:)
Welcome to the Chicken Forum!
Hello & Welcome!

Come on in!
Oakwood, can I come live with you? It sounds like heaven. Lol. Welcome. I'm very interested to share in your experience.
I would prefer to come and live in the USA .:cool:
Then i would have more land to keep more livestock .:)
You want to put together a small farm then talk to me. That's my next goal. Right now I'm trying to keep my head above the water.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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