substitutions for egg size

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    I bake a lot from our commercial kitchen....Well almost all my "regular eggs" were claimed for our big saturday market day! So......

    I weighed one large egg and then weighed my silkie eggs. It translated for 2 silkie eggs ....

    I weighed on a kitchen scale and the recipe worked! I'm kinda a sentimental slob and think every silkie eggs must be hatched, but ran out of incubators!:)
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    I am that way about all my eggs right now. I want to get a couple of more silkies..

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    Luckily for me my town ordinances don't allow a rooster--so all my eggs are for eating. My girl friend's egg are another story..... :eek:

    Before I got my nice kitchen scale I would often measure eggs based on what the frozen egg white/"Egg Beater's" carton said: 3 tbsp of Egg Whites = 1 whole egg, 2 tbsp of Egg Whites = 1 Egg White , 1/2 cup of Egg Whites = 4-5 Egg Whites. My double batch of chocolate chip cookies takes 5 eggs, I crack eggs into a one cup measuring cup and get it as full as I can.
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    35-42 grams = pee wee
    43-49 g = small
    50-56 g=medium
    64-70= extra large
    71 grams = jumbo
    In commercial egg production the in between size eggs are cracked and sold as liquid eggs.
    Almost all recipes with eggs are based on a large egg.