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Our 4 chickens are about 8 months old. About 3 months ago 3 chickens started getting sores on their backs which I put down to pecking. But this chicken seems to have lost lists of feathers and is quite bold. I don’t think it’s a malt as they’re too young. Any help please?
The are in a 3x4m cage, with iglo coop. Bark chipping base, on sand/hard floor. They come out on the grass often. They are fed layers organic pellets.
Thank you
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You've got a feather picker in the group. Whoever has all of their feathers or most of them is the culprit.

@dawg53 uses something that tastes awful and discourages the behavior. He's running the roads today so we'll have to wait on him to tell us what it is.

And I just realized you're in the UK so what he tells you might not be available there. You can smear diaper ointment on the the bald areas. There is something we call Blu Kote here that is a wound treatment that dies the skin blue and covers the red. You might have something comparable.
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I normally recommend Nu-Stock in these instances, but I doubt it's available in the UK. Something like Blu-Kote would help as mentioned.
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