Shell'less egg.... AGAIN :o(

Discussion in 'Egg Quality & Storage' started by geminicowgirl, Oct 19, 2012.

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    One of my girls laid an egg with only the membrane again. She did this when they were just 2 days at my place ( from their previous home) I chalked it up to stress when my roommates mother sealed them in the coop. My coop has 2 large areas one being completely closed with a small door and minimal ventilation but the exterior portion of my coop has a shingled roof enclosed with chicken wire. So figured the heat and poor venting when she closed the small door separating them from their water was the culprit. But today I was home all day watching them in the yard, no stresses no change in diet and plenty of oyster shells I am stumped ..... Please help,
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    I have a 2 year old leg horn cross who constantly lays shell less eggs, she did on only a few occasions lay eggs with shells but for the last 6 months no shells at all. I was worried about it for awhile but I was told that it is a genetic thing and it was nothing I had done wrong in regarding her diet.. She is doing great and seems ok so I am not to worried about it any more.