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Rooster issues

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I was wondering if anyone else who has a mixed flock has Rooster issues. I have 3 roosters I'm having issues with, I have plenty of hens for them to mate but they keep going after my ducks. Seriosuly can they not tell that they are ducks and their mating attempts are failures? :confused: Plus on top of it, the roosters only attempt to mate/rape whatever you call it, against 2 particular ducks. One is my Pekin female and the other is a Rouen/Jumbo Pekin mix which I thought was a male but why would the roosters attempt to mate a male duck? I dont know, but I am open to suggestions or tips or just stories of someone else going thru the same thing.
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Dominance, not confused

I think what you are seeing is the pecking order at work here. I too have a mixed flock (chickens, ducks and geese) and I've had roosters with ducks, ducks with chickens, geese with ducks, male duck with male duck. I think this is more about dominance than mating. I left my flock to establish their order and they worked it out. Provided your ducks do not get hurt too badly, you may have to let it be. If it gets too bad you may choose to seperate your ducks or roosters or get rid of the offending rooster.

Good luck!

Kathy in NM
Well I finally got to the end of my ropes this morning with the roosters. Its not a dominance thing I beleive, because they all have been together since babies, and the pecking order has been well established. And the roosters are doing the mating moves the same as they do to the hens. Plus its not to all the ducks only the 2. Anyway, I guess it doesnt matter anymore , it happend 3 times this morning before noon so I built a pen for the 3 offending roosters to keep them seprate. All the rest of the flock get along great together but these 3 just get on my last nerve.
do you have any other roosters still with them main flock?
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