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RIR Roo Chick?

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Hello! We have 3 RIR chicks and I suspect one of them is a Roo. It has white markings on the top of its wings, where the others don't. It also doesn't have a stripe on its head like the others. What do you all think? Thank you so much! I appreciate your help!
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It's going to take some time before you'll know for sure. RIRs can't be sex linked.
Thank you so much! There does seem to be a lot of conflicting information. We just can't have a rooster, and with my littles I don't want them to get too attached if we have to give this one up. Thanks again!
Where did you get them from? If from the feed store then they would have been sexed before being shipped. Fingers crossed they were sexed correctly at the hatchery.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts