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    I came home 3 days ago and a Red Legged Partridge was 'waiting' outside our duck pen. She had about 10 chicks with her. They were so tiny. I think they were hatched the same day. Then I left them alone. Today we came home to find her outside out back door and she all the chicks under her wings. I offered her water and they wandered along to a set of steps we have and I left them there with the water. About 20 minutes later they were in another location and she was still finding it difficult to manage all her chicks and we were worried our cockerel might damage them so we put him and the hens away. Then later while we were eating out evening meal, the partrdige family had come 'round to the front of the house. Then the mother wandered off with her chicks leaving 4 behind. She didn't come back and although we kept out of sight she hadn't returned at all. Nowhere to be seen. Rightly or wrongly, we have brought the 4 chicks inside and they are under a lamp with water, chick crumb and are quite calm. If the mother comes back we will see if she will take them back, but we are concerned she might not. Any advice on rearing? Diet? Any one with experience of this? Thanks.
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    That is a lot of peeps for one hen to have to care for. I probably would have herded her and her peeps into a safe enclosure because that seems to be what she was looking for.

    So far you're doing things right. If peeps are crying a bunch then they're not warm enough and you'll need to adjust the light some. Make sure the waterer isn't too deep or they can drown. You can add marbles or clean stones to it to make it less likely they'll get caught.

    Waiting on the pics of your little additions.
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