Re-Introduction here.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Artemis_MA, Apr 16, 2018 at 7:57 AM.

  1. Artemis_MA

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    I see the last time I introduced myself, it was 2015...

    I am finally getting underway to start up a long time dream of chicken-farming. In a couple years I will potentially add in guinea fowl, goats, Shetland and hopefully Soay sheep, and possibly alpaca. But we'll take it slowly!

    I am in a rural Hilltown community in western Massachusetts on 50 acres, most of which is woodlot, but about 7-8 acres is a meadow (that now has a house on it). I'm retired as of August 2016 (early retirement).

    20 day old chicks are on order and coming in; I've already posted a couple questions in the relevant areas on site.

    Once I decide what breed of layers I really like best (I'm ordering 2 or 3 from four breeds) I would like to start breeding them myself. But that's not an immediate goal.

    I love the outdoors, but I hate to tell you what type of weather we are suffering through today, mid APRIL! (Sleet, snow, freezing rain, about 2 inches or so of the stuff so far.)
  2. chickenqueen

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    Welcome back!!!We have the same weather problems,it's snowing lightly right now.Sounds like you have one helluva bucket list,you won't be bored in retirement.Good luck with the chicks!!!

  3. seminolewind

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    Yea! Sounds like great retirement plans. Welcome back
  4. dawg53

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    Dont feel bad. Our weather down here in Florida hasnt exactly been beach weather. Down right chilly during the day and even colder at night. We had the heater on last night!
  5. Steinwand

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    Haha welcome again! Sounds like fun plans! Pick several breeds at first then settle on one or two that fit your needs and requirements, I have a plethora of breeds rn but will have two breeds for eggs and two for show eventually
  6. DuckRunner

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    Double welcome lol! X2 steinwand. I'm jelly! I want an alpaca too! I'll bet you're looking forward to these fun retirement plans!

  7. boskelli1571

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    Hi there - isn't retirement wonderful?? I haven't stopped for a minute since I retired, but I love every minute of it :)
    You are wise to order a few breeds to see what fits, when I first started I ordered Dominiques, RIRs, Welsummers and Delawares since upstate NY can be brutal too.
    I would love to have goats but the boss says 'no' and frankly, we can't afford them anyway....:(
    Wish you well on your endeavors, keep us posted on your adventures :)