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Discussion in 'General Chicken Discussion' started by RollTyde, Nov 13, 2017.

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    I began my flock on May 20, 2017 by purchasing 7 birds(2 buff’s, 2 barred rocks, 2 ee’s and 1 white rock) around 5-6 Weeks in age. I lost 2 birds to a neighbor’s dog(my white rock and 1 ee) around 20 Weeks. At this time I purchased 3 more birds( 1 rir and 2 more ee’s) that were 16 Weeks at the time of purchase. My flock now consists of 8 birds, all 25-30 Weeks in age, and none are laying. My coop is a pre-fab kit that I bought from tractor supply that is supposed to hold 10 adult birds inside a 10X10 dog kennel with an a frame tarp over it. Is it possible that they are not laying due to being cramped inside the coop at night? I have put some fake eggs in the nesting boxes in order to try and let them know what to do, and where to do it. Do y’all have any other tips or tricks on how I can get my ladies to begin producing, or should I just continue to be patient?
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    Hi. If they have the pen all day, and the coop has a nest, you're fine. But know that manufacturer s exaggerate how many birds you can stuff in there. The most important thing being fresh air and ventilation.

    Your birds are laying age at the wrong time of year. I have gone from 12 eggs a day to virtually none this time of year. So don't panic. Chickens have their laying seasons (some do not and lay most of the year).

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    No Light No Eggs . Are you adding a light? 15 hrs a day for good production.
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    There are quite a few things that can cause birds not to lay eggs, some already mentioned.
    Stress is number one. Here are some causes of stress: Overcrowding can cause picking and pecking among birds, improper ventilation can cause sickness/lethargy, establishing the pecking order, extremes of heat and cold, molt, shortness of daylight hours in winter, improper feed, internal and external parasites, diseases, and of course predators.
    It sounds like you need to expand your coop and pen.
    Personally, I dont provide extra light for egg production in winter during shorter daylight hours. I guarantee you'll have more eggs than you'll know what to do with when spring time comes. Eggs will be small at first, but will get bigger as time goes by.
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    Agreed with the above. Large breeds such as yours should ideally have 4 sq.ft of floor space per bird in the coop and 6-8 sq.ft in the run. How 'tight' they are at night doesn't usually matter as long as they have plenty of room to roam around in. There should be 1 nestbox for every 3 hens.
    They are 1st year so they should lay for you - I'm with Dawg53 I do not add light.
    Perhaps you could extend the run or let them free range? I think it would help your situation tremendously. :)