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Psychiatric Therapy Through Farming​

Farming is no longer a common way of life or, in modern days, even a must for many people within North America. But, if research is to be granted any credibility it may be that for many it could be literally what preserves or recreates a psychologically healthy balance and a physically healing possibility.

Although research has indicated that interaction with farm animals is a psychologically healthy endeavor it has not been completely successful in pin-pointing what exactly it is about farming that is so significant to the balance of one's psyche.

One research article by Berget, B., Ekeberg, O., & Braastad, B. O. (2008), in association with a study conducted, indicates that interaction on a farm by individuals having psychiatric disorders and having approximately 3 years of previously unsuccessful clinical treatment showed signs of psychological improvement, while working on a farm under clinical supervision, after just 6 months.

The article goes on to say that "the study was developed in the context of Green care, a concept that involves the use of farm animals, plants, gardens, or the landscape in recreational or work-related interventions for different target groups of clients in cooperation with health authorities" (Berget et al, 2008).

The need for the restoration of the mind of the American people may be debatable among many social circles but few can deny the transpiring change taking place within the U.S. which indicates heightened aggression and stressful lifestyles.

Medication and counseling is the fix of today but it may be that there is a simpler and deeply rooted fix-all that has been here waiting to be found in plain sight since the birth of America - farming.

A Cancer Treatment Using Chickens?

Additionally, cancer research has found its way to the chicken. "Origen Therapeutics has announced the first published scientific report of fully functional, human sequence monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) produced in chickens" (Cancer Therapy, 2005). Antibodies were found to be in "concentrations of 1-3 mg per egg… [and] antibodies produced in this manner demonstrated 10-100 fold greater cell-killing ability (ADCC) compared to therapeutic antibodies produced by conventional cell culture methods" (Cancer Therapy, 2005).


It is then assessed that through farming one may find that his/her psychological welfare is maintained or re-balanced through the hands-on interaction with animals and the learning of new tasks (Berget et al, 2008) and that it may be that one day the cure for cancer may come from the farm as well as via the common chicken that is loved today in varied forms of species within the United States and around the globe.

Although there is still much to be learned concerning what benefits may arise from the chicken or any other farm animal it is noteworthy that in a modern society where the farm and the farmer are often neglected is interesting that one or both may have many of the solutions to the modern era's problems.


Berget, B., Ekeberg, O., & Braastad, B. O. (2008). Animal-assisted therapy with farm animals for persons with psychiatric disorders: effects on self-efficacy, coping ability and quality of life, a randomized controlled trial. Retrieved from

(20 September, 2005). CANCER THERAPY: Chicken produced better than conventionally produced antibodies. Science Letter (p 307). Retrieved from

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Thank you for sharing. I know having chickens has been a huge stress reliever for us at the end of a hard work day. Who can not help but smile with 9 eager to see you happy faces ... okay so they just want treats. ;) Still make you laugh at all their bustling about and chitterchatter. :D
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