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Prairie Bluebells

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Would anyone mind taking a look at these 4 week old Prairie Bluebelles? Sold as females.
Chick one is the sweet pea being held in the first 2 photos.
Chick 2 is standing on the
bar. I see she has a little comb.
I haven’t had bluebells before and I am wondering about that comb. Thanks!


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The second one has me going, hmmm. I also see a little pink there. If we can catch @imnukensc attention he might weigh in on this also.
Thanks for the reply. I am hoping the pinkish tint is the lighting and that it is more yellow. I will have to check this little one again.
Here are photos of little number 2 in the outside light.
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You suspect number 2 is a little boy too. Don't you?

We might have to wait a bit for more of the signs of male feathering begin to show up. Sometimes they can fool us with the combs when they're so young.
Well, it’s so hard to guess sometimes. I have hens that are the same breed and age (2 Cochins and 2 Polish) and the 2 of each breed both have different size wattles or combs and that’s how I tell them apart. The ones that really get me are silkies. I heard a crow one day and ran outside and the young silkie I suspected was a roo was not the one crowing. It was a silkie I did not even suspect was a boy.
Silkies can be a bear to tell. There are physical signs that can tell boys from girls. At about three months boys look like they're all legs and have a weird folded leg way of walking.
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