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  1. apdeb

    apdeb New Member

    Bee what kind of "wireless" dog containment do you have?
  2. Bee

    Bee Active Member

    It's Petsafe brand and is the best, IMO...I tried the cheaper brand and it didn't deliver. It's cheaper if bought on Amazon, it seems, though I bought mine directly online from Petco when I bought it. I bought an additional collar there also some years ago.

    You can sometimes pick up this fence in the classifieds from people who bought it and decided they didn't like their dogs getting shocked or that didn't put in the necessary training and thought it didn't work. I've seen folks selling them~brand new~for $100.

    My two dogs have been safely contained by it for all these years and we lived right by the road for many of those years. The batteries aren't too expensive and they last a couple months each, come in packs of two and I can get them for $7 here locally.

  3. havasu

    havasu Active Member

    Don't they also offer a rechargeable type of battery in some units?
  4. Shelly W

    Shelly W New Member

    I have a neighbor who knowingly has allowed their dog to kill 13 of my chickens. THIRTEEN. My chickens free range for the MANY benefits and there are many homes between our home/land & the dogs home. Here's the thing- when we realized for sure it was their dog; and actually had to chase said dog for a mile and pull my hen from his mouth (chicken was ok btw, just injured), but my husband went to let them know AGAIN that we knew it was their dog & ask them nicely to keep it from the yard; he was cursed out. And he asked me to try since the woman was home alone & we thought maybe if I was real nice- she/her husband & father in law who were now both home, might be more receptive to me since we'd had our children play together. I took my oldest daughter with me. (She was 15; but 5'10 & a tough young lady)...If she wasn't there, who knows what would've happened!? I was so nice- and the woman actually threatened my life, lol. She said "no one will ever find your body" & when her husband & F-I-L were yelling at me, she came up behind me to attack me until my daughter stepped in. I was so confused & upset by the encounter I called the sheriff...who came out and spoke with both of us. Her warned me not to try with her anymore b/c they were extremely rude to him. He told me I have every right; and I SHOULD kill the dog if I ever saw it again. This has proven harder than I thought. Since that encounter- they did get an electric underground fence w/collar. But it wasn't long until I caught the dog on camera taking 2 more chickens. Now it's sporadic and I've lost an additional 2. They refuse to do anything. The last time they were in my yard; I caught them and gave them to the dog warden (it is actually 2 dogs), but refused to file charges. Next time; it's either filling charges or smtg more extreme. Either way, it'll be the LAST time they come into my yard!! Period. Sorry this was very wordy! But neighbor's aren't always so neighborly! I have a Maltese who is extremely disinterested in chickens etc; but if he wasn't- I'd feel AWFUL if he ever hurt someone's animals and I would NOT allow it!!! He stays in the yard anyway- but he's wandered a couple times to our neighbors with an in heat Maltese...but he's a good boy. I love, LOVE dogs...ALL dogs. But I love my chickens too & it's terrible that I've lost so many; usually my favorites, to a dog. I won't let it happen anymore. My chickens don't deserve to be killed b/c it'll break my heart. I've got to do what I need for them...and as the authorities have told me- take them out! I have every right and they've had more than enough warning!!!
  5. robin416

    robin416 Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, you do have the legal right to protect your livestock. Neighbors like those won't change, even if they lose the dogs they'll just get more and things will go right back to where they are now.

    You could build a safe pen for your birds where they can be out but safely behind fences. You could run hot wire around, zapped once is usually enough for any dog.

    But I have to mention this, your dog. Whether he's a good boy or not he should not be leaving your property to go find a female in heat. That is creating basically the same complications the others are causing you.
  6. JediPat

    JediPat Moderator Staff Member

    This is a touchy subject for me...and from a necro thread, but I will just say this. If you are a good owner of any animal you build for them to be protected and you train for them to stay safe.