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    When my Pekin duck was younger I searched and searched and searched trying to find out when my Pekin duck ( named Po) would start giving eggs. Well I never could find a straight answer. Everyone I asked on another poultry forum always said ducks dont lay until the Spring after their born, ect, ect. Well guess what Po is now 23 weeks old and I have now gotten an egg every day for 3 days. Hmmmm so looks like Pekins lay well before the spring after they are born. :) I also have 7 mallards, 2 of which are 22 weeks old ( 1 male , 1 female) and the other 5 are 20 weeks old ( 1 male , 4 female) I'm crossing my fingers they will start laying soo as well. Anyway, here is the egg I got this morning, and a pic of my girl Po. :)
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    We have 2 Peking girls that are 6 months,
    Jadis & Odette and a Peking boy Donald that is 8 months. We have a kiddie pool for them and the other day I found an egg in it! I too was told that they would not lay till spring. Guess they couldn't wait!


    You can feel the weight difference in the egg.
    I love my ducks!