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Pale comb possible wry neck

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Hello, my 5 year old hylin chicken Henry, she just took a massive decline in health within few days. I'm not sure what's going on. Her comb is pale and she is super lethargic. She Jerks her head where I think wry neck when I research online. I checked n no mites or lice. I've normally been good with monthly de worming n idk if that has occurred. Mostly curious is this the sign of her dieing since this is first time owning n experiencing it. Or if its a parasite of somekind?The other chicken seems to be fine. She just stands n stares off n then will jerk her head around
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It really doesn't sound like wry neck. With Wry neck the head is either held down or over the back. You can try B complex to see if that improves things.

She is five and I'm assuming a hatchery bird. Five is about the length of time those birds hang out with us. When did she last lay an egg?
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She laid last this Sunday. Last week her eggs were abnormal shaped to me. Then Monday no eggs then Wednesday is the pale comb n noticeable signs something is wrong. I believe I had a fairy egg last week n then just these wierd shaped eggs
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Actually she laid today I have eggs today
That is just so strange. Have you checked her ears to make sure there isn't anything wrong there?

Try the B complex if you can find it in liquid form, if not crush it and add it to a treat.

They can develop neurological issues just like we can. This is where a video or at least a few photos of her behavior would help.
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I don't see anything wrong with her ears but I'll try the b complex see if that does any changes. Theirs times I feel she had stroke or something how she just stares off. She tries be around in the yard doesn't hide but she just stands their n stares off as if lights r on but nobody is home. I'll check the info u added to on behavior. Thank-you so much for your information
That's beginning to sound more and more neuro. But being low on B1 can cause that behavior too. It's been quite a while since I've dealt with these guys, you can also try E with selenium. One cap a day. Mixed in a wet treat if necessary.
Is this a common thing with this breed of chicken? Curious now u said they don't last long. I read hylins last up to 5 n 6 years. So most likely at the end. If she ends up having to be put down n I have my 1 chicken left is it bad to introduce her to new chickens? Because their both 5. I wouldn't want get new birds sick.
You won't get new birds sick and you can't leave the one alone because she'll become depressed. The biggest problem you have is if you get more than one then they will probably shun the one hen. Unless you can get three, put the remaining hen with one of the new birds.

Of do like I did. Get some quail. They turned out to be just the ticket for my one remaining chicken.

Most often you'll see this kind of thing in Silkies and Polish. But it's not unheard of in other breeds.
Quails r cute. I want to say their the loop hole bird for certain neighborhoods codes because their known as a gamebird. What If I got 2 new chickens but each from different flock so make it real wierd. Would they bond better than bullying and singling mine out? I might do quails that's smart idea to their super cute
I probably shouldn't have mentioned the quail. You can't free range them. They'll disappear into the wild. It worked for me because my girl was ten years old and stopped having much desire to go out. If I saw her at the pen door then I'd let her out. But not the quail.

If you can get two from different places and keep them separate that might work. Each has its own personality so there's no real way to know for certain what they'll do.

I got the quail on the advice of a friend since my old girl rejected new pullets. I have him the pullets and he brought me quail. It worked like a charm.
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So Henry sadly just died. Went to check n she has passed. How soon do I need to get chickens for pecky so she's not stressed being alone? Say asap?
So sorry for your loss. I would say asap, chickens mourn and I've heard stories of birds passing from loneliness.
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What the heck? I was just wondering how sick she could be if she's still laying. Evidently very sick.

I'm sorry, I know this isn't what you wanted to have happen.

Yes, sooner is better. Keep and eye on your old girl. You might have to bring her in until you get her some new roommates just to keep her from becoming too depressed.
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Yea I was baffled by it because their were eggs. Pecky has been in the bathroom but now today she's acting like mereks disease falling over and acting as if she's dizzy. Curious how this happened I research n look out I don't see way to have gotten moldy feed or fungi of some sort?
Adults can usually fight off Mareks. It is possible that the feed could do it. It's one of those things you can't see most of the time. If the feed is clumpy instead of loose crumbles that's a warning sign something is wrong.

I'd say try a molasses drench but I don't know if it will help at this point.

The continued egg laying is just odd.
N pecky laid an egg to so I'm very confused I know u mentioned a vitamen b problem but how also on that? I've always had same feed n this is very new n random
Is their anything I should look for in my backyard/chicken run they could of ate to cause this? I'm tryin look if their was dead animal n they ate maggots or if anything toxic around they discovered. I want to check ant possibilities off so I don't risk any other birds if I get new ones
Other than bad feed or a toxic substance that they could get at I just don't know what happened. A necropsy might help but if it was something ingested I don't think that would show with a necropsy.
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