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beautiful rooster: you may have to talk to him in the morning and then in the afternoon twice a day...when rooster find something he can fix...he is willing to help...and so you keep talking to him...I once had a rooster that encourage me to wake up early in the morning and go bed early in the evening that help me cope with that thing, insomnia...If you let go him you will be feeling ROOSTER; we made a deal...and so he was aloud to sing in the morning and then in the evening...thus, because I had some time to spend talking to him twice a day...hence... I had discover that when I cover his pen In the day time...and made him a private room no sun light...he stop the singing; he just did not sing or said a word about it; and then at night I let him out in the yard and he had the chance to go around peacefully...and he was happy as long as he did not saw the sunlight...I JUST do not know anything beyond of why some animal are;
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