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We live in NW Oregon, near Mount Hood. We live on a leased spot for now, almost nine acres, and have 18 chickens currently. We had more, but..we have an overabundance of coyotes where we're at and they got to four of them, plus one of our cats :(....

We plan to get more, for egg laying, and have raised broilers in the past numerous times. Although, with our current chicken prices in the stores, it seems fruitless to spend all that effort to raise them, since we can get chicken for .99 cents a pound.....Broilers take a lot of work, they are dumb as a box of rocks, knock down feeders and waterers all the time, and cannot, I repeat, cannot be let out to "free range". Sure they can free range in an enclosed pen, but not outdoors, a hawk will just swoop in and eat them and they won't even run to help themselves.

We have also raised meat rabbits. This is a good way to raise meat, they breed nicely, and produce a lot for your money. My husband was disturbed when we put them in the back of the truck in crates to go to the "processors" (that fancy term for butcherers these days).

I am now raising some Black Jersey Giants, one turned out to be a rooster, lucky me, I think I will pen one hen and one Rhode Island hen with him seperately when he is ready and breed, get some pur Jerseys to sell and add to my own flock, and some mixes (that ought to be an interesting mix).
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