Orange wet poopy???

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  1. jeffreylee

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    Anyone had this and what is causing it? Going on for 2 weeks now.. I tried corrid last week
  2. Energyvet

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    Just read about a homeopathic treatment for this:

    If diarrhea is dark or light brown, and the condition does not clear up in a day or two then Alum 30 C or 30 X can be given 3-4 times over a couple days.

    If weather is wet and bird has a chill and diarrhea, then Dulcamara 30 C or 30 X will help.

    For diarrhea caused by emotional update, Argentum Nit 30 C or 30 X can be helpful.

    That's from the book: homeopathic treatment for birds by Beryl Chapman

    Hope it helps. You can get homeopathic remedies at a health food store for under $20.