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I have a pair of call ducks that were a gift from a friend of mine. They are originally from a man that is considered by many to be one of the top call duck breeders in the US.

The hen had collected herself up a nest of 5 eggs and is kinda playing with the idea of going broody. Problem is, everything I've learned about calls says they are not that great at brooding and pretty bad as mothers.

On the other side of the large chicken yard I have a serama hen that loves to brood and is the best broody and mother I have ever had. I keep her and her coopmate's eggs collected up daily because she will hatch them; even if she has to hide them to do it.

I promised my husband no more chickens. He's still getting used to the idea that I have 10 goslings from my goose pair that I have no intention of re-homing.

This morning my serama chicken is happily sitting on 3 call duck eggs. Now how on earth did that happen???? :D
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