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Poultry Waterer Parts and Kits

Everyone is looking for a quick and simple way to keep their birds watered. Many folks have the talent and skills to make a waterer for their chickens but need a bit of help in locating the perfect parts. Well you found the place that has the parts you'll need to make your own Poultry Waterer!
Poultry Waterer Parts are this page. Are you are looking for a ready to use chicken watering container?

All you'll need for installing the watering nipple is a 1.25" drill bit. The nipple assembly screws right into the black threaded grommet, so additional tools will not be needed.

  • Drill a 1.25inch hole about 3 inches up from the bottom of the container.
  • Insert the rubber grommet into the drilled hole.
  • Screw in the threaded nipple so that when you are finished the nipple is facing directly downward.
Our yellow poultry nipples are Made in USA as are the other plastic fittings.

Screwing the poultry nipple in and out is made easier as we have drilled and threaded the hole it screws into. Many others will just force the poultry nipple into place. This will usually strip the threads on the poultry nipple and the hole it was in. Trying to put another nipple in that hole is just not going to work. I tried that method - that's how I know it does not work!

To locate buckets close to you try looking on Craigslist for your area.

Notice how this bucket is sitting directly on the ground for refilling and cleaning? What other nipple waterer allows you to do that?

The experts suggest 5 birds per nipple. They also state that the poultry should be reaching up so there is less wasted water as they don't have to twist their neck to drink.
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