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Hello fellow chicken lovers! I live on a small farm in Central Ky with my amazing husband and precious children! We have lots of chickens, geese, ducks, guineas, horses, cows, dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds ( I think I mentioned it all! lol)
We love living the country life and just really don't think we would ever be able to survive in the city!

We are a Christian family, whose faith has sustained us so far, even when the road is seemingly unpassable.

My oldest son is a soldier for the Army National Guards, my daugher is a junior in high school where she is also the FFA Chapter secretary, and my youngest son is at this moment completely disabled from a stomach virus gone wrong. (But we are waiting on God's divine healing just as it was promised! That is a story in itself!!)

Besides being a personal assistant to my loving husband and adorable kids, I also write a weekly column for Moms Of Faith ( where I chronicle the triumphs and struggles of being a Christian mother of a special needs child.

I am looking forward to making new friends here who share our love of animals (especially the ones that cluck!).

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