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Hi. My name is Tracy and I have only had chickens for a few years. It really started out as a 4H project that my daughter had, but she has since moved on. So, now I have started to exhibit the birds. I am really pleased with the start of this year's show season with my standard NH. My dad, Don Kreitner also got started in chickens whith my daughter. I guess the theory was that he'd stay out of trouble if he had a hobby. I'm not sure how well that's worked out, but he did ask me to relay thhis info...

My dad, Donald Kreitner, is President of the American Sussex Association and the following is a message from him:
...I occasionally have chicks, chickens, and hatching eggs available. Contact me for prices and availability.

The American Sussex Association was brought about by a group of people who have one huge thing in common, "The Love of Sussex chickens". We were organized in 2010 and hope to expand and grow into a very informative place for all who love this great breed of poultry. ASA is dedicated to Improving and Preserving the Sussex breed, for breeders or hobbyists alike. We also hope to promote interest into all the varieties of this great breed.

If you have or would like to have Sussex chickens you should become a member.

You may join the ASA at

The American Sussex Association is having a special Sussex show as part of the 2013 BLUEBONNET CLASSIC POULTRY SHOW in COLLEGE STATION, TX on JANUARY 5, 2013. The entry deadline for the Bluebonnet Classic is December 26, 2012. You can print a copy of the entry form at

The awards being offered at the show include:


Large Fowl Sussex & Bantam Sussex Awards:
Best of Breed-$100
Reserve of Breed-$50
Best and Reserve Variety-Ribbons
1st -5th place ribbons

There must be a minimum of 15 Large Fowl Sussex and 15 Bantam Sussex to receive the cash awards. You must be a member of the ASA to be eligible to receive the cash awards. So join now.

All awards have been donated by Texas Birds Of A Feather.

For more INFO Email me at [email protected] or call 210-667-1212
Donald Kreitner


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