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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Faverolle, Jun 29, 2020.

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    7FF3EAC3-97F1-4F3E-BCAB-C73310334983.jpeg 11184F79-233A-4C0E-B61D-A92F7F17DF9B.jpeg Greetings All,
    We began keeping chickens last August. We fell in love and have since expanded our flock. Currently we have 15 laying hens, a Favorelle rooster from last year. We also have a brood including 6 golden comets purchased from Tractor Supply, and 6 chicks we hatched out from the rooster. They are either via Amarucana (?) or Barred Rocks.
    They hatched out at the end of March. And now we already have someone laying eggs!
    We understand it is early for them to be laying but everyone seems truly happy and healthy.
    All the chickens free range in the yard in the afternoon and have extensive covered chicken runs for the rest of the time. They receive a lot of healthy vegetables and chicken treats as they are a temple flock and get a lot of attention.
    Should we be concerned they are laying so early? Or first flock also laid very early. We are guessing because we pay so much attention to them and feed them so well. They are doted on and have lots of room to explore.
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    How old are the Golden Comets?

    Twelve weeks is a stretch for any of them to begin laying. Most are not even fully feathered until 12 weeks. That could be an egg from one that is coming out of a molt, going into a molt.

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    yeah I don't think it would be from the 12 week olds, their systems are not mature enough for that, like Robin said, they are barely completely feathered at that age. I would look at one of the older girls, sometimes a tiny egg happens, especially coming and going from molt or during heat or a period of stress (chickens stress easily, it could be anything).

    What a beautiful rooster!
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    I don't think it's a pullet egg, probably a dud. One breed that does start to lay at a young age is Bresse. I had 16 pullets and about half started to lay at 14 weeks.