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    Just found this! I grew up caring for 1,200 Leghorn laying hens the hard way, with buckets and egg baskets, hand washing, weighing, and candling those eggs each day. That was back in the late 1950's.

    Today, wife and I have a couple Golden Comets, the remainder of the 6 we started with several years ago. They are getting gray-headed and tired, so a friend has 6 more pullets for me whenever I get the coop cleaned out and fetch the new ones. I grind our own feed with a C. S. Bell burr mill, 3 parts corn, 2 parts soft red winter wheat, and one part dried pork meat scrap gets me about 18% protein. (My commercial side is showing here.)

    We are happy with the Golden Comets, and got an average of 80%+ laying from them for the first year and a half. Then it dropped to about 60% to 70%, but still good until the year when it tapered down to 50%. Even at that, it is paying to raise our eggs.

    No, we don't raise them for meat. I ate enough chicken as a kid to do me for a lifetime. :eek:
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    Welcome to the site! I look forward to reading your posts, it sounds like you have quite a bit of experience to draw from!