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    Hi, All;
    I live in HS and have since 65. Years ago I had a trained animal attraction called the IQ ZOO, then a popular HS attraction. I've since retired, but I still teach dog trainers, dolphin trainers, and other animal trainers how to train. Most of the time I use chickens when teaching folks how to train. There are many reasons for this, which I won't go into at this time.

    The chickens used in these training classes really have a nice life, and live a long time. They are in a great learning environment where they learn how to do many things. They are NOT starved. It is not necessary to starve a chicken to make it worthwhile to learn. Chickens are far smarter than most realize. I have had chickens teaching for more than 12 years, and, in our animal attractions, chickens have performed for 16 years. When a chicken does get too old to work, the chickens are retired, not killed.

    The reason for this email is that I'm starting new teaching class in New York City which will be for the students at Queen's College, and for the public. I'm looking for 70 white Leghorn chickens between one and three years old. These chickens must have been housed so they have full range of motion, not chickens confined to tiny laying cages.

    In the "old days" in Hot Springs, the local 4H students would raise the chickens for us. They would keep the chickens for a year or two and learn to run an egg business. Then, instead of the chickens being slaughered, we would buy the chickens from the students. It was win-win for all.

    I've not been doing business in AR for many years, so I no longer have contact with the 4H people. Instead, I'm using the Internet to locate chickens for this new project.

    Anyone know of some 1-3 year old white Leghorns for sale?

    Bob Bailey
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    hello bob, welcome aboard :)

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    Hello! Welcome! No arguments on this forum about the intelligence of chickens. They have good memories! Even my more recent chicken I took in at 5 months old learned her name within a couple days. Nice to be able to call them by name and have them come running same as any other pet. :D I have 9 spoiled rotten girls. They are truly my sunshines. :) Hope you find the chickens you are looking for soon.