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New chickens

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Hello everyone I’ve recently started a flock of chickens. Grew up around them but being on a farm they were just fed and put away as a kid. We didn’t do much else other than that as they just produced some eggs for the family.

That brings me to my current flock. I have many many predators here so I’ve spent some time building a coop / run. I want my kids to experience and learn about animals like I did as a child. Currently I have 13 birds that were raised from chicks. The breeds include ISA brown, white sex link, australorp, Easter egger, copper maran and my big boy jersey giant.
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Welcome to the forum. Have you found that chickens mean a lot more to people these days? That they are part of the family and worry about them like they were their kids?

Yeah, we've all kind of gone bonkers when it comes to the feathered ones.

OK, I had to go back and look. I thought you had said the JG is a big boy. You've got a couple breeds that just might want to hatch chicks for you. That will be something very special for the kids.
Chickens definitely mean more to people than I remember but that’s not a bad thing I get it!

you were right when you read he is a big boy… I can’t wait to see him grow
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And we understand a whole lot more about keeping them healthy and having them live longer than twenty years ago. My oldest was 14 when she said enough. You've got a lot to look forward to.
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