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Ah. Guineas are great. I plan on some in future. Unfortunately too noisy for my current location. Peafowl are at the top of my bucket list, though. Quail are coming soon. Hoping to get some celadon coturnix. I have a freind with some. Why'd you get out of chickens?
Peafowl take a while but are worth the effort. I'm training 5 yearlings now, 3 peacocks, 2 peahens.
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I am chicken obsessed!

New to this particular community, and semi-new to chickens. Only had them about a year.

However, I am not a newbie in terms of knowledge. I have lots to offer and hope to share it and maybe make a few friends along the way! ❤

I hope I don't seem Cocky or what not from this post.

I by no means no everything, and don't even no close to what is out there.

My particular skills lay in sexing.

I currently have 10 birds, lost one the other day.

Have eight coming in August and will be getting into quail shortly.

Ameraucanas are my favorite breed, they are my specialty if you will.

Though, bantam cochins come in at a close second.
Welcome. 🤚
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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