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I am new to chickens and would greatly appreciate advice about adding to my lovely new flock....
In April I bought 9 day old chicks, so they are almost 11 weeks old now. They were supposed to all be pullets, but predictably enough one ended up showing signs of being a cockerel quite early. Now it seems that two more are also cockerels! I believe the hatchery made a mistake, as not only are all three male, but they are also the wrong breed! (I think they are brown leghorn, instead of the speckled sussex I had wanted.) I am attached to them now, but realize I can only keep one of them.
I'd like to get a few more pullets, as day old chicks to "replace" the cockerels, and need advice.
After my long winded intro, my questions are:
- Is it better to get new chicks soon and integrate them in six weeks or so while everyone is still young? So it would be 6 pullets and one cockerel aged 17-20 weeks, meeting 3-4 pullets aged 6 weeks.
- Would this disrupt the older pullets too much just at the time when they might be getting ready to lay? Would it adversely effect their laying?
- Would it be better to wait until next year before getting additional pullets? (So as not to disturb the laying of the first group). - Or is waiting longer more likely to cause trouble integrating when the first group is older (10 months or so)?
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