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Naming chickens

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My grandbaies gave them names, along with the koi fish. lol But I more of a "hey girls" with the chickens. (and I have not started to talk with the fish like I do with the girls but you never know. :p)

The larger critters (horses & cows) have names as do most of the sheep.
My flock has a very eclectic bunch of names. My kids and little sister helped me name them all. Lets see...........

Chilly is an Easter Egger
Speckles is an Ancona
Moon is a Silver Lakenvelder ( DH calls her Road Runner)
Gertrude is a Splash Andalusian
Ally is a Barred Rock
Yolo and Violet are Golden Lakenvelders
Marshmallow is a White Cochin

Rosetta is a partridge female
Prince Charming is a white male
Beauty is a black female
Tinker Bell is a buff female

Boys we plan to keep
Buckbeak is a Buff Orpington
Henry is a Blue Andalusian
Zepplin is a White Cochin

The rest that havent been butchered yet
Nugget is a Dominique
Stir Fry, Sesame, and Orange are all Producuton Reds

hhmmm thats only 19 , I'm missing one. I can't think of who it is right now.
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We don't really name ours but I have one white hen I call the foreman because she has to be right in the middle of whatever you're doing. We're building a play fort for my son right now and she's watching that, and she "helps" us unload hay too.
my silkie is called jessie after the wifes nan who used to keep chickens.
my light sussex is called lois, after lois from family guy.
my clydach clocker is called meg from family guy.
Rule around our house is you don't name anything you might one day eat.
The rule doesn't work, LOL one rooster is named King and another named Smokey.
The hens are wild as can be and have no names.
My first flock of 10 was all named.
Rudy was the Rooster
2 Light Brahma hens Sunshine and Snowball
3 Silver-Laced Wyandottes Flash, Martha, Dopey
1 Buff Orpington Zoie
1 Buff Rock Maize
2 Red-Sex Links Lucy and Ethel

The next year I added 4 RIRs Jo-Jo, Penny, Rhoda and Crumpled Napkin (there is a story there)
and 2 Golden Stars Daisy and Mae

Most of the names were linked to personality or color. The third year is when I purchased the 40 peeps, half delawares and half australorps. Since so many looked alike I no longer named them, but a few always stand out and so three roosters ended up with a name and a little australorp stood out and befriended my daughter, so she called her "marbles"

I now have a few that have not been given names, I did have three barred rocks who ended up being called "Tylenol" "Midol" and "Motrin" because they made me six-levels of crazy!! Tylenol ended up being hit on the road. She insisted on standing in the middle of the lane and "staring" down the cars. One day someone didn't play chicken with her! Motrin was re-named Mama when she went broody and her running around being naughty days were over. Midol however did get a new name. She is still in the flock and she is now called "Mussolini". She is a horrid bi$ch to other hens, bosses the roosters and her comb grew when she took command. Overall she is 2nd in the flock behind the old Rock "Cinnamon", but her comb now folds to the side, just like the beret the special forces in the army wear. The name just stuck.

Since all of my Auracona's look so different, they stand out and so they have all been named. Lu-Lu is a lovely personable hen, Tamsin is a dumb blond, Hawkeye stars at you and gives you the willies. Bonnie and Clyde look very similar and are very anti-social. Piper and Willow are also similar, but Willow is an independent and nasty hen. Out of the blue she will run across the yard and attack my dear little Pug. Missy is another more social, but she had a nasty injury recently and so with the extra handling she has realized that 1.) we aren't so bad and 2.) if you go closer to the people you get more treats, and the final is the "Top Cock" of the flock, Cocky Rocky. He showed his attitude very early and so he earned his name.

If you plan on eating your birds I do recommend not naming them, and especially getting all the same breed, so they blend together. It does make it easier when harvest time comes. :eek:
I also have my two big boys, both are sons to my old Delaware rooster Pepper. They are Hamish and Angus. I was watching a LOT of Scottish and British "telly" at the time, and so they ended up with good Scottish names. :)
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Any and Everything that comes to live at our place gets a name! Even if we intend to eat it...our first cow was tough, we called him 104 cuz that was the number on his eartag!
i dont think i could eat any of my chickens. i love chicken meat but i just couldnt.
i dont think i could eat any of my chickens. i love chicken meat but i just couldnt.
That's why I don't name.
Guineas have little protrusions that stick out the side of their heads that reminded us of the winged hats that nuns used to wear. We always refer to the guineas as "the nuns"
That's why I don't name.
i suppose if they are raised for that purpose its diffrent, but mine are purely pets.
although if i was starving....;)
red sexlinks- are named Nuggets 1-6
silver lace wyandotte- Silvia
gold lace wyandotte- Goldie
easter egger-Ester
barred rock-Roxie
buff orpington-Buffy
copper marans-Sweet pea
and a silkie named Phyllis Diller:)
my copper Marans Roo's are called dogfood lol their in the freezer.....
Pullets are 'kinda named'. We get two or three of each breed we keep each year, so it can get confusing ;)

Any cockerels or Cornish X's are all named 'Dinner' (what my then 6 y/o son told his younger sister).
My six hens all have names and the neighbours often give me funny looks when they see me talking to the girls when I'm in the garden! Dotti is a Wyendotte, Sugar and Spice are both Pekin's, Dream Girl is a Pencelled Pekin, Lotti is a White Sussex and Gigi is a Salmon Flavorelle
i get some very funny looks when im talking to my chickens.
I wasn't very clever in my names... My rooster is named "Roo". Original, right!? My brown hen is "Morenita", but now she is the biggest of them all. Then I have a light golden one named "Clair", & another named "Peca". Then I got two sisters later, the bigger named "Annie", and the smaller named "Bea". Clair is my greedy one, hogging the treats whenever she can. My miniature schnauzer and Bea go round and round, as Bea tries to scare him off, but he thinks she is playing. They have their morning ritual when the chicken are let out in the yard, where they chase each other a bit, til the birds go seeking bugs. I saw my dog laying on the grass once, minding his own business, and Bea snuck up behind and pecked him on the rump! Very comical!
I named two of them.
Tikk and Korma.
Mrs Orfy named the other Henrietta
We have 6 pullets and they came with the understanding that they will not end up on the dinner table EVER! I don't think I could eat something I've raised since they were tiny fluff balls. With that in mind, all 6 of the girls have names, our 3 White Leghorns are Bella, Sally and Elmo (named by my 3 year old grandson) and our 3 RIRs are Sadie, Lucy and Lilly.
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