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My old Chicken House....

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I built this 4 years ago.
Its till standing a little worse for wear.
I recently moved it and attached it to the run.
I used a couple pallets for the base/frame and laid 1/4" plywood for
the floor and walls and roof.

It also served as a brooder this picture was 4 years ago. Wish I still had those
chickens, Cuckoo Morans, sadly lot most to predators. :(

The Roost.
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Is this your brooder? Looks nice and solid. How long were you able to keep all those chicks in it before they outgrew it?
Opps! Should have looked at this first before replying to your intro.

Looks great! When you had 20 did they live just fine in there together?
they was all gotten at the same time. Ive not had an issue as long as the chicks are still young and raised together. They get a long fine.

They actually never out grew the house I started letting them free range they never really returned to the house they would rather roost in trees. I have an old camper in a Ford truck and they lay eggs in it. still do today.
I recently built up the old coop and moved this house and attached it there.
My 4 free range adults keep escaping it so more work is needed on it.hah just saddens me I lost my chicks.....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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