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I have 16 beautiful chickens. 4 are used for pets and eggs and the rest i use for showing and eggs. I have 6 bantams, 5 hens, and four large breed pullets.

Here are my girls:

Buttercup (breed unknown) :

Caramel (dark Cornish):

Chicklit (frizzle cochin):

Florence (sebright):

Goldie Locks (golden laced with wrong comb)

June Bug ( Buff cochin pullet:

Loretta (buff Brahma bantam)

Millie and Fluer (millie fluer bearded d'uccle bantams)

Oreo ( barred rock)

Speckles (Easter egger)

Sweet pea ( silkie miss 5th toe :p)

The little girls (pullets)
Lottie (RIR)
rascal (brahma)
pearl ( silver laced Wynadotte
sunshine (buff orpington)

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