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I have 2 dogs. One adores chickens, especially baby chicks. She will never hurt them and is very maternal about them.

Right now, we have her in front of baby chick tv which is a bunch of 2 week bantam cochins on some farm from animal planet. Could be wrong on age but it's before the funky raptor looking stage and still very fluffy with wing feathers but not day old fluffy.

When she's at my cousin's house when she has baby chicks, we can't get her home. When she's at my mother in laws, I can't get her inside. She wants to stay with the chickens. She never harm them, she loves them too much. They are her sheep. She'll chase away anything that she think will harm her sheep to include her friend, my other dog.

She's a border collie and she has a lot of focus. Currently it's her focus to care for every living thing that drives me nuts.

My other dog is also a border collie but he is less caring towards chickens and wants to "play" and herd and requires more supervision.
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