Massachusetts Looking for hatching eggs!

Discussion in 'Hatching Eggs' started by Jmmacfarlane, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Jmmacfarlane

    Jmmacfarlane New Member

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for some hatching eggs, and just realized there was a whole Classified section to buy them from on here. So excited!
    So, I've been looking for Ameraucanas, Marans, any Lavender colored or frizzled breed, Easter eggers, Favaucanas, Barnevelder, Welsummer, Polish, or any mix breed.

    I currently have Silkies, heritage RIR, and OEs in one of my incubators right now, so I don't need any more of those.

    I live in Massachusetts, and I can pay PayPal, Venmo, for shipping.

  2. chickenqueen

    chickenqueen Well-Known Member

    If you want mixed I have Cochin/EE mixes.They have the fuzzy face of the EE,plus their body type and all but one lay colored eggs.They have the feathers of a Cochin with the feathered feet and legs and are very heavy compared to how they look.Their personalities are sweet and friendly.I can't guarantee fertility,I have 2 roosters,a father and son, for 28 hens but I'll give you some eggs if you are interested.Surely some would be fertile,the roosters are busy critters.

  3. Jmmacfarlane

    Jmmacfarlane New Member

    Oh that would be great! I've been wanting Easter eggers and Cochins.. best of both worlds! And that's quite alright, I don't mind if I don't have 100% fertility. I'm trying to get a second flock together for my enormous coop, but it's been tough to find hatching eggs! I feel bad buying day old chicks online, it seems so stressful, so I've been sticking with just eggs. Thank you so much! How much would you like for them? I can go through Paypal or Venmo, whichever works for me.
  4. bwalden

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    I have Black Copper Marans, lavender Ameraucanas, and Welsummers if you’re still looking for any eggs. Contact me at [email protected]