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    It’s been a cold winter already! I have been debating whether or not to post this as I know it’s possible there are gonna be haters, but I decided in the end to post it to help people out with winter coming fast. If you are thinking about setting eggs under a broody please wait until spring! My mom hen did a great job hatching chicks and I ended up with an 11/12 hatch rate! Fast forward to the second day I had lost 2 of them from getting shoved out of the nest (or left behind when the broody changed boxes) and sadly 3 got killed by my rooster who has since been gotten rid of. So by week 2 these 6 remaining chicks were doing amazing! So proud of how happy and healthy they were! I went to college and was freaking out because while I was there it was pouring outside and I just had a gut feeling something was wrong when I got out of college (10pm ) and got home I found out that the mom had taken her chicks outside for the first time that day only 1 made it up the ramp I quickly found one in the middle of the coop, it ran straight to me crying I scooped it up and tucked it under momma who had decided the chicks up the ramp were more important the the one outside (I understand animal instincts care for the healthy leave the sick or weak) any way after tucking that one under her I couldn’t hear any more chirping so I went searching and found 3 dead by the ramp I tossed them out of the pen sadly pretty far just stressing and searching for the one last chick with the plan to burry them when I found the last chick. I searched the rest of the pen for at least half an hour before giving up and going to burry the other 3 when I picked up my favorite chick which had died I stroked its little head as I was crying and apologizing to it. To my amazement the chick opened its mouth and let out the most pathetic peep. Not even thinking I grabbed the other two off the ground and ran to my car breathing on them and rubbing them softly! I sat in my car for a good 20 minutes holding them in front of the heater before the first one started peeping! Low and behold after an hour and a half of being in the warm car all 3 chicks were alive! Standing on their own but weak. I kept them in the car until about 1 o’clock when they were perky enough to be back under mom. I tucked them under her and closed the exit so she couldn’t take her chicks back outside (now they have supervised outside field trips) 2 days later one of the ones that had come back from death did end up passing it was still very weak but the other 2 are doing great! I had found the one missing that night it was sadly long gone as it had gotten out of the coop somehow and was in the pouring rain I regret ever letting a broody hatching chicks this late in the season and will never do it again but do feel a small bit of joy knowing that 4 are still alive and well and that 2 were literally brought back from the dead! I do not blame the mom hen in anyway as she is one of my best Broodys and this is the first time she has ever lost a chick! Just a very rough year and a mean rooster
    Here is momma and her remaining chicks (almost 3 weeks old)[​IMG]
    And the three “dead” babies recovering in my car[​IMG]
    And the 2 surviving “dead” ones from today [​IMG][​IMG]
    Please not too many harsh comments! I am still very upset with myself about doing this
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    I did want to add that these chicks dad is amazing!! He brings them snacks and even lays on them when he is allowed in! He’s even gone broody and was laying on eggs for about a week the rooster that killed some of the chicks was my sisters pet that she was going to use as a breeding project with bantams. Also wanted to add ahead of time the zip tie has already been removed!

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    I knew the possibility that a rooster would kill chicks. I was lucky and never experienced that.

    Hatching is possible in Winter if the setup is right. Having raised Silkies the whole wanting to hatch thing was pretty much year round. But I had the space that allowed for the year round hatching.

    Very good catch on the three. I found one just hatched under a metal feeder in winter. Same thing, I thought it was dead but once I warmed it back up it went back to Mom. Good thing you were spending a moment with your favorite peep.