Letting my hens hatch their eggs

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    I have 4 hens and 1 rooster. one of them has been laying for 2 weeks now, I have been collecting the eggs, but when the hen goes back to the nest, it looks like she is looking for them. I moved the nest down to the ground away from their roost, so they wont be getting pooped on at night, or stood on by any hens, but maybe it should be with them at night because then it will be kept warm all night. one of my other hens just laid her 1st egg last night. I moved it to the new nest on the ground, I'm hoping they will lay their and then hatch the eggs. My thought was that since its some of their first eggs that they would naturally try to hatch them, because they're not used to me taking them away. I have tried to look up this info all over and haven't been able to find any good advice. My chickens are free range, but i lock them together in their coop at night, so they 're protected. any advice? I want chicks one time. would love any help on what to do. thanks
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    My advice would be to not let them sit on new pullet eggs. They are only 60% of the size they will end up being and this will result in a runt chick IF the pullets will even sit on them long enough or just a bad egg. Pullets dont normally go broody as soon as they lay. I would collect the eggs and let them brood come spring.

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    sounds like good advice Apyl
    BTW i have a silkie that looks just like yours
    i got her & her sister when i saw selling off some extra soon to lay sunrise orpingtons. i wanted some meat birds & i ended up with 2 little silkies too
    they are too small to eat so i guess i'll keep em as broodys