Laying eggs in the long grass?

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    My husband found a clutch of eggs (12) in the long grass under a few trees..We have never had a problem with the girls laying in the nest box before..Could it be the high heat we have and thay don't want to be in the coop or are a few of the girls going broody? and can you stop them from laying in the grass besides keeping them in the pen?
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    If they free range, some will find their own nesting areas instead of using the one you have provided. You can collect their eggs daily if you know where all of their nests are and this will deter broodiness. Laying in tall grass doesn't mean they are broody. Once broody, you will know. Their behavior changes tremendously. If they get off the nest, they will ruffle up their feathers, drop their wings, lower their heads, and cluck, cluck, cluck! If you want them to lay in a specific box, I would pen them for a day or two. Place an egg in the box for them. They will use it, and once you turn them back out, they will come back to your nest box. It's like a reset button. :)

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    Yes, it's probably just a case of this place is better than that place. If you collect your eggs every day one of them may get in her head that isn't a safe place to put the eggs because they keep disappearing!!!! :rolleyes: So she finds a more secure place where the eggs won't be stolen every day and then someone else sees her and thinks "WOW, what a great idea!" and bingo, they start laying in the grass.

    I have had hens lay in some crazy places. We found one nest up and across the railroad tracks, through a Christmas tree field across a trail and in a bramble patch. My son was walking on the tracks when he noticed a chicken scurrying up through the woods. Took us forever to find the nest, but since it was full of green eggs we knew it was one of my chickens!!

    I also had a hen jump in the hole in the back of the riding tractor that was the grass catcher. We had the attachment off, but the big catcher was left on and so she would jump in, at least a three foot drop and lay her egg in the mesh catch-bag. I still can't figure out how she got back out again. She did that for a LONG time!!!
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    Golf balls make great fake eggs! Plus you can't fool yourself into collecting an old egg, bad surprise!