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Concrete and Metal

I fought the rodents most of my life and was tired of it. When we built our present hen house, I covered it with metal siding, inside and out. Then, I poured a concrete floor. There is a hen-size door with a ramp for the girls to go outside and that too, is covered with metal.

The windows are recycled from a mobile home and have metal frames and storm windows. I screened the windows and built a screen door with 1/2" hardware cloth. For winter, there is a steel covered house door to seal it all up, and a galvanized steel threshold I made, 6" tall. That keeps the litter inside and the mice outside.

I leave feed in the feeders all the time. No problem. I put an old stainless steel bowl upside down on the hanging feeder to keep the hens from setting up there and getting droppings in the feeder, so it stays clean.

I occassionally catch a mouse in the adjacent barn if they fall into a feed bucket. Chickens will catch and eat mice if they see them. I toss them into the henhouse in the daytime to watch the fun! It's better than football!
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