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Does anyone have any ideas to prvent the mice and rats geting in to the feeders, ours are the hanging type.
I placed a pic of my mother-in-law near the feeder, that worked pretty well. My wife replaced it with a pic of me, worked even better. A lovely woman, she is.

Actually I really hadn't noticed a mice problem. Wild birds are another story. Sometimes we just let the feeder go empty & hand feed several/day until the wild birds give up & move on. Usually only takes a day. My feed is stored in a stainless steel drum, btw. They can't chew through that & it won't rust, so there is no paint to contaminate the feed. If your feeder is hanging from a thin wire it should be safe from mice, unless they are getting above then just jumping down onto it. In that case you might try suspending a piece of plywood above the feeder. If the plywood is large enough the mice will land on the ground, not in the feeder when they jump.
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