It was just a chicken.

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    The chicken wasn’t my daughter who was within seconds of drowning before she was pulled from the water.

    The chicken wasn’t my son whose knee was taken out a during High School football.

    The chicken wasn’t my wife whose growth tested benign.

    The chicken wasn’t my Dad’s whose stroke trimmed a few years off of his life.

    The chicken wasn’t my Mother’s whose cancer the Doctors think they got it all, this time.

    That was just the chicken that I debated over, wondering what breed I should purchase as I looked through the Poultry catalogues.

    That was just the chicken that was temporarily “misplaced” by the USPS and I wondered if it would arrive alive.

    That was just the chicken I checked my preparations over andover and over to insure that nothing I did (or didn’t do) would keep it from growing into adulthood.

    That was just the chicken the nephew and nieces would treat as a pet, help feed and take care of.

    That was just the chicken that I spent time, money and talked to for more than a year.

    You still don’t understand why I repeatedly asked you to fix your line fence or confine your dog?

    You don’t understand why the police “harassed” you for letting your dog roam unsupervised?

    And now you don’t understand why I’m upset? After all, “It was just a chicken.”

    Let me ask you this. “Will you bury your own dog or do you want me to worry about that too?”
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    Same story here OH i feel bad my dog did this let me buy you another chicken... BS I spent lots of money feeding and raising this hen and
    I now figure shes worth about $400... My family pet didnt go into your yard
    and kill your dog for the 2nd time pisses me off :mad:

  3. doubleoakfarm

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    Well written. Makes me sad and angry.

    Here it has not happened twice, at least not with the same neighbor. I make one phone call and explain that I love dogs and it will break my heart to have your dog pay the consequence of a bad owner. However the next time it is on my property will be the last time. I know how to use a gun and I know how to use a shovel. Fortunately I've never had to follow through, but I would. I don't mess around when it comes to my ladies.

    I've also asked them to come apologize to my crying daughter. No one has had the courage to do it.

    Very very sorry for you loss. :-(
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    So sorry you lost your friend.
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    I am sorry for your loss :( i also have had issues with our neighbors dog.Pitbull who was running free in our neighborhood.i have two dogs who are kept on our land via electronic fence. About two months ago, kids came home from school to find 14 of my ladies dead...looked like a massacre.why? what sonshine went to the neighbors and low and behold the pit was covered in blood. I felt so bad for my ladies....some of these were rescue chickens and none of them deserved it.neighbor has been told before to keep his dog out of our yard for other other half has now warned if the dog comes in our yard again, he will shoot it......i know it isnt the dogs fault she has crappy owners, but what are we to do....*sighs*
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    I'm so sorry. There is certainly no such thing as "just a chicken." Such vibrant, full of personality they are. As wonderful of a friend and pet as any other. Hugs.
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    I'm so sorry for you're loss! You know it really pisses me off that some cities won't allow chickens yet they allow thousands of dogs and cats to run wild! Come into our yards, and do what ever they want!! This was your pet! How dare any one minimize your loss!! I'm so sorry you have to deal with neighbors like that! I'm lucky I guess. I've got a great neighbor on my right side and he loves chickens! Nothing I can say will make it better! But please know I'm really sorry and my heart goes out to you!
  8. pprkepr

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    Thank you so much ! i appreciate all the kind words. I am looking forward to spring and its sense of renewal.Cant wait for some chickys :)